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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Why is massaging required during pregnancy

Woman commonly face problems like back pains, aches and tensions. Hence massaging helps in relieving many problems like oedema, insomnia, headaches and many other symptoms noticed during pregnancy. Such problems are caused due to poor blood circulation and massaging causes a positive effect on the body. The areas to be massaged are back area, legs, hands and neck. Some women even gently massage their abdominal areas Some of them believe that massaging the abdomen area causes the foetus to sleep. Leg massage reduces the problem of leg pain and also reduce the chances of oedema or swelling that is caused to the ankles.

But, before beginning to massage, a woman should consult a physician. Some physicians suggest the woman avoid massage in areas like the abdomen and lower back. Some physicians suggest avoiding massaging during the first three months of pregnancy. But still, most of the women have found it very beneficial. A woman feels very comfortable when she is massaged. But she should avoid applying pressure to her body while massaging. There are some oils which a woman can apply to her body during her pregnancy such as Mandarin, Neroli, Tangerine, Lemon, Geranium, Sandalwood and tea tree. She should avoid using some of the oils to massage such as Arnica, Basil, Cypress, Fennel, Jasmine, Juniper etc. Today most of the women prefer massaging and they consider the massage therapy as the most effective form of cure during pregnancy. When they get massaged, they feel as if they are being pampered.

Advantages of massaging

During the time of pregnancy, the muscles get weaker and hence pain is caused to most of the body parts such as back, neck, leg, etc. but the process of massaging, she can be relieved from pain to a greater extent. The therapy of massage is so effective that it maximizes the chances of normal pregnancy. There are many other advantages of massage therapy. It reduces the problem of hypertension and improves the blood circulation process in the body. due to proper blood circulation, other problems such as back pain, oedema, pain in the legs can be reduced.

During the time of pregnancy, many hormonal changes take place. By lightly massaging her body, you can reduce the discomfort feeling from her. Massaging brings a soothing effect on the woman. So far many women who were experiencing backaches, leg pain, and swelling have already experienced relief No any other therapy works so wonderfully as massaging. As massaging has a direct effect upon the lymphatic systems it reduces the chances of oedema or swellings to a larger extent. Many women face the problem of muscle cramps during their pregnancy and this problem can be reduced very quickly. 

Most of the pregnant woman fears the process of labour as it is very painful. If she is provided with a massage during her pregnancy, the tissues in her body become more flexible and soft and therefore the process of labour becomes easy. During the time of massaging, she feels a lot of emotional support also. Before starting any massage therapy to a woman, they study the shape of the woman thoroughly. Her body shape and body weight play a very important role in deciding the type of massage therapy. There are certain parts of the body which should not be massaged.

There are some techniques for massaging a pregnant woman. she is usually made to lie on a table in a semi-reclining position. Special tables are brought into the room and they are constructed in a particular way that a woman will feel comfortable to be in a particular position. The room that is used to massage the woman should be quiet, dark and cool. The room should also contain one padded table. For a woman, music therapy can also work very effectively. She should be made to listen to the type of music she likes and feels soothing for her. Even clothing is an important factor while massaging. Any person who has learnt to massage must have a certificate offered by the physician. If she is not given the right type of clothing, it can again cause skin disorders for her.

Massaging can be done after the woman’s delivery period also. It starts after she has completed twenty-four hours of delivery. This therapy can be done by the partner also. If the massage therapy is performed by her partner, obviously she feels very relieved and comforted because massage is a form of touch to the body with love. When the male massages his partner he is most likely to win love over the unborn child. A woman would like a touch that involves so much of love.

Advantages of massaging during pregnancy

  • it provides relief on the stress-bearing areas like ankles, joints and knees.
  • Reduce the risk of premature births.
  • It eases the mother from depression.
  • Maintains a proper position of the foetus.
  • Improves the mood swings if he is just massaged for 15 to 20 minutes a day.
  • It reduces the risk of post-natal complications.

There are some precautions a woman should take before starting to massage. She must never massage her body in the first trimester. It may increase the chances of miscarriage. Massaging requires a proper technique and before joining any therapist make sure that she or he is trained by an expert medical professional.  If the therapist is new, then he is made to massage in the presence of an expert doctor.

  • never massage on areas like scars, open sores or any other areas which were met with injury earlier.
  • After completing 20 weeks of pregnancy never lie down on your back because it can harm your uterus.
  • Many medical experts say that massaging directly relates to areas like vagina and uterus and massaging with pressure on the following areas can cause pre-term labour.

Pregnancy massage is different from normal massage therapies in many ways. a woman is provided with many facilities like proper table along with pillows and many other things that provide comfort to her. She must be given special care because she is carrying a baby into her womb.

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