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Sex During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

Sex before pregnancy

Most of you have surely heard a lot about sex before pregnancy. It is a natural tendency between a male and a female to be attracted towards each other. Usually, in Eastern countries, sex takes place after marriage.

Sex during pregnancy and culture

But most of you have not heard about sex during pregnancy. Most of the countries do not encourage would-be-mother to continue with sexuality. Even the medical experts suggest sex during pregnancy is not safe for would-be-mothers. This process is not safe for the male as well as female. During pregnancy, many chemical changes take place in the woman’s body. she will face many different experiences during pregnancy. During pregnancy rather than having sex, free and open communication between life partners is desirable. It brings a healthy relationship with each other.

Recent studies made by the experts tell us that if a woman shall undergo normal pregnancy, she shall not face any problems if she has sex during pregnancy. But how can a woman know whether she will face a normal pregnancy or caserne one? She must encounter the office of the medical expert and find out. Usually, the chances of miscarriage or pre-term labour for the problem who shall face normal pregnancy will be lower. Most of the woman does not have a strong desire to have sex during pregnancy. They feel as if their moods are fluctuating during this period. they grow fatter and therefore do not feel comfortable having sex.

Having sex during pregnancy is not safe both for the male and female. But they must closely interact with each other, open their feelings with each other and know each other very well.  They must carry on activities such as kissing, caressing and hugging each other.

Woman’s desires

Most of the mothers do not have a strong sexual desire during pregnancy because they are much excited to become a mom. Some types of sexual habits must not be practised during pregnancy. If you are having oral sex, then your hubby should not blow the air into your vagina. If he does so, it may cause air embolism and therefore the blood vessels may be blocked. This process may prove fatal for your child and you also. You must not have sex with people whose sexual history is not known to you. If they are suffering from diseases like herpes, genital warts, etc those diseases may be transmitted within you. You will have to face the harmful consequences in your life later.

Harmful phases during pregnancy

If you are facing any problems or complications during pregnancy, your doctor, midwife or health care provider will strictly advise you not to have sex during pregnancy because you may face some negative consequences.

  • you if had faced a history of a miscarriage earlier.
  • If you have previously experienced preterm labour. If you have delivered a baby before 37 weeks.
  • If you have had a history of vaginal bleeding, discharge or cramps in those areas.
  • Amniotic fluid is a fluid that is surrounded to the baby that is present in the womb. If this fluid has been leaked off, then you are most probably advised not to have sex.
  • If the placenta is placed at a lower position than it covers the cervix.
  • If the passage of the cervix is very narrow or very dilated.

But sex during pregnancy does not harm the baby. The baby is protected by a thin-walled bag called amniotic sac and the sac is surrounded by fluid. A wall known as mucus plug covers the cervix and protects the baby from infection. Some woman has the fear that sex during pregnancy may lead to miscarriage or early contractions. But if the woman falls under the category of low-risk pregnancy, she shall not have any problems. But the woman should get herself checked to the doctor to find out whether she falls into that category. But usually, doctors recommend that the woman should stop having sex when she reaches the last week of pregnancy and when she will be shortly facing the process of labour.

She must be very careful during the last week because she may suddenly start facing contractions. Some woman does not feel the urge at the beginning because they face problems such as breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. during the trimester she may develop a strong urge of desire suddenly. The desires of a woman for sex whether it increases or decreases depends upon the temperaments of the mother. some woman has a lot of anxiety about future motherhood. They become burdened due to their worries. Such mothers have a very low-level desire. Some mothers continue with the same strong urge.

Your partner may not be comfortable with you during your pregnancy because they are thinking that your identity is changing. The relationship during this period may also get disrupted and hence you must always try to bring a close relationship between your partners.

You must immediately call the doctor when you experience:

pain, dizziness, discharge or any other unusual symptoms after intercourse.

Many factors determine sex during pregnancy:

  • your idea about sex.
  • Partners idea about sex.
  • Health factors and changes during pregnancy.
  • Emotional nature of both the partners.

Instead of having sex with each other, there are many other factors that you can carry on during pregnancy such as having romantic dinners, mutual masturbation, relaxing baths, cuddling etc. these all activities keep you and your life partner hormonally balanced and calm. Some woman experiences loneliness and suffocation if they do not have sex during pregnancy. Some woman is strictly advised by the physicians not to have sex during pregnancy for certain weeks. Even if they complete the duration, they do not feel normal and urged to have sex again. If you fall under the category of high-risk pregnancy, then strictly you should not have sex during pregnancy.

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