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Varicose Vein Solutions – Are Not What You Think they are

Varicose Vein Solutions – Are Not What You Think they are

Many varicose vein solutions offered by allopathic medicine are for people who don’t realize that there are alternatives. You may be thinking that the only way to cure your varicose veins, especially if they have become a significant problem, causing burning, swelling, itching or heated areas in your legs and feet, that you have to turn to surgery, laser treatments, or intravenous injections. While these are all possible solutions, they are usually not the best solutions.

What are varicose vein solutions?

Varicose vein solutions that require you to go under general anaesthetics, such as you would be required to do when undergoing surgery, can cause complications. Surgeries are usually fairly simple for a surgeon to do, but anytime you cut into the body, you make it more prone to infections. This is why an antibiotic is also administered during most surgical procedures. So, while you are trying to recover from varicose vein surgery, you are also taxing your immune system. All antibiotics kill not only bad bacteria and microorganisms, but good ones too – the ones your immune system uses to fight infection.

Another probable treatment you will be offered is laser therapy. Among varicose vein solutions, this is less invasive and minimally painful, but can be expensive, and is only a temporary solution. Often when lasers are used to treat varicose veins, they will recur since the vein health has not really been bolstered. If you are offered an intravenous solution to help drain and clean-out your veins, again, this will get rid of the accumulated blood causing the discolouration which appears with your varicose veins, but it does not address the problem of damaged veins and vein valves. These are what cause your vein problems in the first place. Any solution that does not address the mechanism of the veins and their overall health are, quite simply, ridiculous.

The only real solution is a permanent one. It does not cost lots of money and many trips to the doctor’s office. It does not require you to promise your firstborn child to the insurance company to get them to cover your surgery. It is affordable, easy and holistic. It does not require you to pump toxic chemicals into your veins in the hopes of a temporary solution to bluish or purple discolouration, bulging, swelling and rope-like veins that are not healthy. It builds vein health and increases the chance of varicose vein prevention. Real varicose vein solutions are not what you may think.

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